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Pastor Woreti Gelalcha and members of our Thursday evening Bible Study Group

    During the time period of early April to early May of this year,
the Presbytery of the Susquehanna Valley will host members
from our sister churchs in Ethiopia,
the Western Wollega Bethel Synod.

Pastor Woreti Gelalcha joined our NPC Thursday evening bible study on April 9th.

For the past 18 years, our Presbytery has fostered a living connection with this Ethopian Synod
that has 430 congregations, mission work, and three wonderful Christian schools. Every five
years our Presbytery sends delegates to the Western Wollega Bethel Synod, most recently a
team lead by Pastor Emrys. Our continued prayers and support for our Christian brothers and
sisters in the Western Wollega Bethel Synod and our sincere thanks to Pastor Woreti Gelalcha
for the wonderful bible study in Hebrews, chapter 12, that he brought to our bible study group.



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