Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery

of Nineveh Presbyterian Church

    PO Box 115     Nineveh     New York     13813

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Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery


We are a community cemetery with a very long history in central New York State that began in 1802. We welcome and invite all people to select our cemetery as the resting location for their family and friends. All grave sites are maintained with perpetual care at no additional cost; our standard grave plot is 4' x 10', at a cost of around $450.00 each. Standard grave plots provide the resting location for a single casket burial or two cremation containers. If you wish to purchase a grave plot or would like to make a monetary donation, please send your questions or inquiries to Nineveh Presbyterian Church Cemetery Association at our home church:  Nineveh Presbyterian Church, of Nineveh, NY. Thank you.

We recently completed a two year project which paved our cemetery's driveway, our utility shed now has a new roof and we have installed new signs for the entrance and exit at NY Rt. 7. Our grounds keepers work hard to ensure that everyone who visits this cemetery, on any day, will find  a supportive environment for prayer and memories of their family and friends. There are a little over 1,900 individuals currently at rest here and we have many local families who continue a tradition of family plots. While the cemetery looks fairly full from NY Rt. 7, our grounds extend up the hill to a landscaped upper level which has a wonderful view of the river valley. On that upper level, we have an unused expanse which extends into our new plot area that was just acquired in the last few years. We are currently working on a project to computerize our records; this will include a graphic plot master, a log of individual graves with burial records and select documentation related to the current and historical management of this cemetery. 


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Pictures of Work Group putting a new Roof on our Cemetery Storage Shed - Autumn 2013