Nineveh Presbyterian Church

    PO Box 115     Nineveh     New York     13813


Our Pastoral Care Team


The Pastoral Care Team's purpose is to share the ministry of visitation with the Pastor of our church. We do not replace the Pastor, rather we encourage ourselves and others to share in caring for our sisters and brothers in Christ.

After the example of Jesus Christ, our team feels called to minister to one another with sympathy and love. This responsibility is not limited to Elders. Others in our congregation are encouraged to minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to those in distress both within our church family and to those in the community.




News from the Pastoral Care Team  -  January 2008

Representatives from our team will be attending

the Richmond, Va. Seminar for Pastoral Care ( Feb. 10th - 14th )

Pray that we may be filled with the Holy Spirit and being filled

will discover ways to be more effective in this ministry.



Resources for Pastoral Care Ministries

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Specialized Pastoral Ministries Resources (PASPM)



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