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Resources for Spiritual Formation, Prayer, and Worship

Presbyterian Statement of Faith

PCUSA - 2008 Mission Yearbook for Prayer + Study

Presbyterian Lectionary Readings for Daily Devotions

Presbyterian's believe that Jesus is

Presbyterians believe that the Holy Spirit is

Presbyterians have Distinctive Beliefs

Presbyterians believe that the Bible is

Presbyterians believe that Sin and Salvation are

Presbyterian Study Catechism

PC(USA) 2008 Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study

In Plain Sight - Presbyterian Publication for Spiritual Formation

PCUSA - Theology and Worship

PCUSA - Confessional Resources

PCUSA - Theological Reflections

PCUSA - Fasting as Prayer

PCUSA - Upper Room Ministries


Resources for Presbyterian Sacraments

The Lord's Supper



Resources for Sacred Music

         PAM - Presbyterian Association of Musicians


Resources for Pastoral Care Ministries

Best Practices for Pastoral Care Ministries ( 4 Models)

Ecumenical and Mission Partnerships

Congregational Care Team - Implementation Guide

Specialized Pastoral Ministries Resources (PASPM)


Personal Development Resources


Presbyterian Church: Book of Confessions

Presbyterian Church: Book of Order

 Horizons On Line - Magazine for Presbyterian Women

PC(USA) Resources - for Presbyterian Women

PC(USA) Women's Ministries - on Behalf of Women

PC(USA) ACWC -  Advocacy Committee for Women's Concerns

PC(USA) -  A Vision for Men of the Church

Presbyterian Office of the General Assembly (OGA)

Perspectives On Line - Magazine of the OGA

Symbolic Statement of our Presbyterian Seal

Presbyterians Today Magazine

I D E A S !  for Church Leaders - a Presbyterian Publication

P O I N T -  Presbyterians Organized In Nuture and Teaching

Gifts with the Presbyterian Logo

Presbyterian Foundation


Community Development Resources

PHEWA -  Presbyterian Health, Education & Welfare Association

PAA - Presbyterians for Addiction Action

PACT - Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation

PADVN - Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network

PAN - Presbyterian AIDS Network

PARO - Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options

PASPM - Presbyterian Association of Specialized Pastoral Ministries

PCAN - Presbyterian Child Advocacy Network

PDC - Presbyterians for Disability Concerns

PHN - Presbyterian Health Network

PSMIN - Presbyterian Serious Mental Illness Network

Compilation of Presbyterian Policy on Social Witness

ACSWP - Presbyterian Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy

Presbyterian Report - Economic Security for Older Adults

PCUSA - Ten IDEAS for Reaching Older Adults

Older Adult Ministries of the Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Association of Homes and Services

POAMN - Presbyterian Older American Ministries Network

Archive 1997 - 2006: AGEnda - Presbyterian Newsletter for Older Adults


Resources for Missions

PC(USA) - USA + World Missions

Witness Season

PC(USA) Printed Resources for Missions


Resources for Special Collections 

One Great Hour of Sharing

Pentecost Offering

Peacemaking Offering

Christmas Joy Offering

2008 - Presbyterian Seasons Calendar

Graphic Arts for Special Offerings


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