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Adults' Bible Study, Sunday School + Coffee after our 9:30AM Sunday Worship Service in Autumn, Winter + Spring




Jesus Christ Never Fails


Psalm 16, verse 11: "Show me the path of life ... for ... in Your presence ... there is fullness of joy"


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Merry Christmas

Christ's Bounty 2013



Merry Christmas from NPC to all the participants in Christ's Bounty 2013 - providing a free holiday food basket to 125 families in the Colesville, Harpursville and Nineveh area. The program this year also included efforts by our NPC membership to help the Christmas season with a clothing donation program, a free family portrait, etc..  We wish to thank everyone who participated, helped and made donations a very Merry Christmas - 2013.



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2013 - Word of Life




Anthem on 11/24/2013

 Anthem on 11/17/2013

Anthem on 11/10/2013

Anthem on 11/03/2013

Anthem on 10/27/2013

Kingdom Puppets on 10/20/2013 - Regarding Prayer

Anthem on 10/20/2013 - How Great is our God

Call to Worship - 10/20/2013

Anthem on 10/6/2013

Come to Worship

Anthem on 9/29/2013

Anthem on 9/15/2013


Recent Announcements:

On November 24th, the NPC congregation, participated in support for the Ethembeni (Place of Hope) Ministry in South Africa. The founders, Doug and Wendy Linscott, work with Aids victims. Doug and Wendy shared, through an interesting and informative video, that they praise God for His blessings to them, their family and this ministry; they encourage all interested individuals to see the wonderful workings of God's grace among these people who need both on-going Christian teaching and our help, at this time, for their physical needs. More information is available at their web site: We praise God for the wonderful work that Doug and Wendy are doing in the name of Jesus Christ.


The Christmas Joy Offering will be received on Sunday, December 22nd. This annual collection supports the medical and pension programs for retired Presbyterian pastors as well as the eight racial-ethnic schools within the PCUSA.


The Angel Tree project of our local Food Pantry will support over 100 children this Christmas. Our "tree" is at the back of the sanctuary, please label each package with the child's name and family #. Your gifts need to be at NPC church by Sunday, December 15th.


The Ethiopian visit team is gaining more members and support for their February 2014 visit. Our Presbytery sends a delegation every few years to support Presbyterian missions. We have been asked to pray and give thanks for the Lord's provision of grace in all details, joyful anticipation for each team member, safety for the journey itself and adequate financial help. The Ethopian visit team will have ten or more members including, from NPC, Pastor Emrys, Courtney L., Kerri W., Cindy K. and Jodi K..



Pictures of Work Group putting a new Roof on our Cemetery Storage Shed - Autumn 2013

Pictures of NPC Youth Group Digging Potatoes for Christ's Bounty - Autumn 2013



Youth Group Activities this Autumn

  Evenings on December 4th + 5th Community Service Events to pack boxes for Christ's Bounty (Wed. + Thr.)  
  Saturday - December 7th in morning Community Service Event - Help distribute Christ's Bounty Baskets  
  Saturday - December 7th in evening Community Service Event - Help serve dinner to needy families at Davis College  
  Saturday - December 21st Our annual cookie decorating and Christmas caroling party  









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... before you call, I will answer,  

               while you are still speaking, I will hear"

                                          Isaiah chapter 65, verse 24















... He who began a good work in you

                  will carry it on to completion ... Philippians 1; 6




... what shall I render to the Lord for all His goodness to me?

     I will accept the cup of His Salvation + call upon His Name.

                                         Psalm 116: verse 12-13



... the fruit of the Spirit is:

        love, joy, peace,

               forbearance, kindness, goodness,

                         faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

           Galatians ch. 5; vs 22-23


1 Cor. 13;


these three abide faith hope love

Joel 2; 19


  grain wine oil

Deut. 11; 14



He will give rain for your land in its season; the early rain and the latter rain that you may gather ...


grain wine oil

Deut. 11; 22



the Lord your God



in all His ways




to Him



Deut. 7; 12 - 13



God will keep His covenant which He swore to your fathers to keep ... he will 


love you bless you multiply you

Mat 23; 23


  justice mercy faith
Rom 2; 6 - 7  

He will render to every man according to his works, to those who by patience in well doing seek ...   ... he will give eternal life


glory honor immortality
Rom 2; 10  

 ... for every one who does good


glory honor peace

Rom 12; 2


will of God good acceptable perfect

Acts 17; 28


God is not far live move have our being

Rev 4; 9


  glory honor power

Rev 17; 14


... and those with Him (the Lord) are: called chosen faithful

Daniel 12; 10


Many will be purified made spotless refined

Rev 19; 1


  salvation glory power

2 Tim 1; 7



God has given us not the spirit of fear but


power love sound mind

Ecc 2; 26



God gives to a man that which is good


wisdom knowledge joy
Micah 6; 8  

God has shown what is good and what He requires of you


do justice love kindness walk humbly with your God

James 1; 4


  perfect complete lacking in nothing

Rom 14, 17


The Kingdom of God does not mean food or drink but ... in the Holy Spirit


righteousness peace joy
Ps 100    

make a noise with


God is good


enter His gates with 


God is love

enter his court with 


God is faithful


Jer.  5, 1




do - justice seek - truth receive - pardon
Mat. 7: 7    


and it will be given



and you shall find


and it will be opened

1 Thes. 5: 16 - 17    






give thanks

in all circumstances


1 Cor. 12: 4 - 6


varieties of gifts

but the same Spirit


varieties of service

but the same Lord

varieties of workings

but it is the same God who inspires them


John 14: 6


Jesus: "I am the: way truth life

Eph 5: 9


fruit of light

is found in all that is

good right true

1 John 5; 8


There are three witnesses Spirit water blood

Prov 22; 4


Reward for humility and reverence for the Lord is riches honor life
Is 33; 5 - 6  

... the Lord will be the stability of your times ... providing and abundance of ...


salvation wisdom knowledge

Mark 4: 28


... the earth produces of itself first

the blade


the ear


the full grain of the ear