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NPC Christmas Eve Service - Tuesday December 24th at 6PM



Click Here for Audio of NPC Christmas Celebration on Sunday December 22th





Tribute to Herman Van De Weert, Sr. on 12/13/2013

Thanksgiving Day Poem

by Herman Van De Weert, Sr.

from this poem:

So in a special way look to God above

For all His provisions He sends in His love.

With grateful heart accept what is given

And use this life to prepare us for heaven

Where blessings abound and there will be no end

To praising and thanking our Redeemer and friend.



NPC Youth Group at

2013 - Word of Life



Anthem on 11/24/2013

Recent Announcements:

On November 24th, the NPC congregation, participated in support for the Ethembeni (Place of Hope) Ministry in South Africa. The founders, Doug and Wendy Linscott, work with Aids victims. Doug and Wendy shared, through an interesting and informative video, that they praise God for His blessings to them, their family and this ministry; they encourage all interested individuals to see the wonderful workings of God's grace among these people who need both on-going Christian teaching and our help, at this time, for their physical needs. More information is available at their web site: We praise God for the wonderful work that Doug and Wendy are doing in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Ethiopian visit team is gaining more members and support for their February 2014 visit. Our Presbytery sends a delegation every few years to support Presbyterian missions. We have been asked to pray and give thanks for the Lord's provision of grace in all details, joyful anticipation for each team member, safety for the journey itself and adequate financial help. The Ethopian visit team will have ten or more members including, from NPC: Emrys T., Courtney L., Kerri W., Cindy K. and Jodi K..





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