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Vacation Bible School - 2011 - PandaMania



Pictures + Music from Day 1

Pictures + Music from Day 2

Pictures + Music from Day 3

Pictures + Music from Day 4

5 Day Photo Album - Day 5



Vacation Bible School - 2011


Come one and all to the VBS Carnival !!!

August 8th - 12th   //   6PM - 8:30PM

Our theme: Pandamania + Panda Bears


Sign-up sheets in parish hall 



Panda Music


Our theme this year is Pandamania, so there will be panda bears everywhere.

At the beginning of each night we will have a light dinner for the kids which

may include hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc.. Participants will have a lesson, and

there will be crafts, games and a snack each night, except Friday. On Friday,

the kids will have their lesson in the beginning and at 6:45PM we will have the

parents come in for a short program. After the program is over we will all be

going outside for a picnic dinner with the families and we will be having a

carnival with games, cotton candy, popcorn and small prizes for the kids.