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Annual Report - Year 2007

Stewardship and Interpretation Committee


"Stewardship is the grateful response to God's grace and goodness. It is more than giving money to the church. Stewardship is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all that God has given us". So says PCUSA.

Good stewardship is alive and well in the Nineveh Presbyterian Church. We promoted our four special offerings and supported our own church's budget. The special offerings gave help to young people to attend Christian colleges, gave aid to disaster areas, gave refugee assistance, and helped with the hunger program. We sent money to the "Race To Save A Life" program.

We donated to peacemaking causes, an idea that came to light during the peacemaking campaign was to have a "peace garden". Hopefully that idea can grow to fruition in the future.

All the above show good financial stewardship as well as mission interpretation.

Also, good stewardship was shown by people who gave of their time and talents to work on the church basement to ready it for the Sunday School program that is so important to the development of our children's spiritual life.

We hope that we have helped your understanding of the meaning of stewardship. We have strived to connect the use of our financial resources and our time and talents to one's commitment to Christ.

We wish to thank the budget committee and others for their concern and dedication in working out a budget for the coming year. May we continue to celebrate the gifts God has given us as we strive to become good stewards.






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