Nineveh Presbyterian Church

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Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery - History









    An early envelope of the Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery Society  






Management of the original Lot + Grave Directory was in a Ledger with Lot and Grave graphics constructed by hand. The drawing template on the left is a standard 16 foot x 20 foot Lot, while the template on the right is an 8 foot x 10 foot grave. The template in the middle was used to construct individual grave designations in the Directory's graphic for any given cemetery Lot. Generations of Nineveh Presbyterian Church members, who participated in the management of this cemetery, originally used glass and then plastic templates like these to keep the historical and current records in the Lot and Grave Directory accurate, correct and legible from one generation to another. It appears the use of these templates, for the management of this cemetery, originated around 1850 when the church itself was built and the management of the existing cemetery was integrated into this Church's community ministry. However, the Nineveh Presbyterian Church Group had existed since 1836 (meeting and worshiping in member's homes), so it's possible that the management of the cemetery and the use of such templates actually became part of this Church prior to 1850.

Note the graphic below constructed with similar templates

in one of the original Lot + Grave Directory Ledgers.