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We wish to thank every person who has helped with our ice cream socials. The first social was on July 24, 2010 and our second ice cream social: June 11, 2011. Our third ice cream social was held on June 9, 2012. We wish to thank every one who has made donations of so many wonderful pies, cakes, brownies, pastries and ice cream as well as those who have donated their time, special crafts and other blessings.  God has blessed us with plenty and this event always seems to be a wonderful time for all.

All donations are a great help.

Thank you, everyone.

Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery Association





Pictures of Work Group putting a new Roof on our Cemetery Storage Shed - Autumn 2013



We are a community cemetery with a very long history in central New York State that began in 1802. We welcome and invite all people to select our cemetery as the resting location for their family and friends. Grave sites are maintained with perpetual care;  our standard grave plot is 4' x 10', at a cost of around $450.00 each. Standard grave plots provide the resting location for a single casket burial or two cremation containers. If you would like to make a monetary donation to our cemetery, please make a check out to Nineveh Presbyterian Church Cemetery Association and send the check to our home church:  Nineveh Presbyterian Church, of Nineveh, NY.

Our English word "cemetery" is derived from the Greek word "koimeterion" which means a rest house for strangers or a sleeping place; essentially a hotel or inn where folks can rest while on a journey.

As Christians, this is how we view death, it is not a tragic finality, rather a temporary sleep from  which the residents of our cemetery will awake. Our grounds and the grave sites are treated with a dignity which respects both their memory and person.

This page has pictures of our cemetery. Thank you.


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Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery is located in Nineveh, New York.

This is just a few miles West of Afton, New York on NYS Route 7.




Pictures of our repaired driveway in 2009 - this was phase one; phase two of the project was completed in 2010.

Our cemetery driveway is now a very nice solid asphalt road which we hope will last for some years into the future.








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