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      Christian Poetry by Members of Nineveh Presbyterian Church



Thanksgiving Day Poem

by Herman Van De Weert, Sr.


From Herm, Sr.'s Poem, Thanksgiving Day


So in a special way look to God above

For all His provisions He sends in His love.

With grateful heart accept what is given

And use this life to prepare us for heaven

Where blessings abound and there will be no end

To praising and thanking our Redeemer and friend.






Silent Night, Holy Night

By Nina Wilcox, Christmas 2011


“Have faith in Me” thy Savior cried.

“My love will set you free”.

“A Love so great it conquered sin

On the cross at Calvery”.


As we celebrate His Holy Birth

At this joyous Christmas tide.

Within our hearts and in our homes

May His Love and Faith abide.









Close of Day

By Lola Neff Merritt


A slender, silver crescent

Rides low in the western sky;

And a thousand geese make music

Where they’ve dropped from up on high.


The horizon, draped in a lavender blue,

Blushes pink with the setting sun;

And quietly, with great beauty,

Another day God made is done.














Promise, Hope + Peace of His Love

by Nina Wilsox, Christmas 2010


God's power is so great

He created the world and everything therein.

So great is His power that mankind

could never comprehend.


So, God sent His only Son

born that holy night.

As a communicator to all mankind

and lead us to His guiding light.




  Walk All The Way     by  Lola Neff Merritt  
  Walk all the way with Jesus,  
  Know He never will forsake  
  The many needs within your heart;  
  His love unlocked the gate,  
  Walk all the way with Jesus,  
  weary not in constant faith;  
  Within the time of God 'twill come,  
  His answer's worth the wait.  

  Lead Me          by Lola Neff Merritt


Lord, fill me with strength to live this day,

Let my heart bring forth kind words to say;

Release my mind of negative thought,

Your way of love continuously sought.


Let me not weary in laboring on,

Lift up my faith 'til each day is done;

Direct me in paths where I'll find human needs,

Let me learn to follow as the Spirit leads.





Like a Mantle


Here in the evening quietness

Like the time before silent prayer;

With only the clearest song of a bird

Ringing out on the soft warm air;


I listen in twilight's dusky light

To the small sounds that abound;

And lift my mind and heart to Him

For the peace that can be found.


It is here I find a healing rest

In the day's last, lingering light;

And feel His love fall so gently,

Like a mantle across the night.


- Lola Neff Merritt







Just Listen


Just listen with a loving heart

To a sister or a brother;

It's a gift to give to someone

So unlike any other.


In a world that can be lonely

It lets them know you care

About the things within their life

That they may wish to share.


It tells them that you have the time

To simply be a part

of life with them and offer up

A kind and loving heart.


Lola Neff Merritt