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Thanksgiving Day Poem

By Herman Van De Weert, Sr.


Thursday is Thanksgiving Day

A day set aside to give thanks and pray,

A day that people look forward to

Thankful for many blessings, not just a few,

God has provided through the past year

With faith in Him, what can we fear?


People came to America many years ago

To flee a king who was their foe,

His rules would not allow free worship of God

Which they hoped to find in this new land of sod.


They gathered together and offered much prayer

That God would guide and for them prepare.

A land for them to worship in peace

Where they could live as blessings increase.


They boarded a ship call the Mayflower

Which would be a journey of many an hour.

Hardships would come over miles of sea

But they would accept whatever would be.


Their trip finally ended in 1620

The chores before them would be very many

To begin life in an unsettled land

And use every resource that was at hand.

To put up shelter which they would need

And find provisions for many mouths to feed.


The thought on their mind was to rely on God

He would give them all that was good.

So with their knowledge they tilled the ground

And used every resource that could e found.

From tree and vines, from the earth they would eat

Where animals roamed wild providing the meat.


They met native Ameericans and all lived together

But winter was coming and very harsh weather.

Food and heat would be needed ahead

A place for shelter and also a bed.


When they thought of the needs and blessings they had

To be in a country where they could rejoice and be glad,

They looked at the past year and how far they did roam

And how God had blessed them in a new home

Where they could be free to worship and pray

So let us set aside a special day.


They gathered and together had a great meal

On this day before God they would kneel.

It was a very first day of a special thanksgiving

And in all their lives they practiced thanks-living.


The tradition held on in a nation that's free

A day to express thanks on bended knee.

They invited their friends, but what could they say

The language barrier came into play.

A shake of hands and a big smile

They would communicate this way for a while.


God chose our nation's leaders and down through the ranks

Let's celebrate each year a special day to give thanks.

A day has been chosen, the fourth Thursday in November,

A very special day for all to remember

Than God doth provide blessings galore

For necessities of life and many more.


So in a special way look to God above

For all His provisions He sends in His love.

With grateful heart accept what is given

And use this life to prepare us for heaven

Where blessings abound and there will be no end

To praising and thanking our Redeemer and friend.