Our History

  • 1831

    Founding of the Nineveh Presbyterian Society

    A meeting was held on October 22, 1831, in the Nineveh school house, to organize a church under the supervision of Reverend Ira Smith. Subsequently, a meeting house was erected for worship services. After a period of time, the Chenango Presbytery helped the thirty-five members enter the Presbyterian Church.

  • 1850

    Dedication of the sanctuary on the present site

    Construction of our current church was started in 1849 and the building was dedicated on January 23, 1850. At that time, the meeting house became a parsonage. Eventually, a new parsonage (manse) was built next to the current parish hall. This manse was sold in 1935 during hard financial times.

  • 1870

    Sanctuary was enlarged, repaired, and refurbished — with rededication on January 18, 1871.

  • 1909

    Current stained glass windows were added.
    Stained Glass with Red AnchorStained Glass with Red AnchorStained Glass with Christian EndeavorStained Glass with CrownStained Glass with White Anchor

  • 1952

    In the “Lord’s Acre” project, the congregation grows its own crop of cabbage and potatoes, transporting them to NYC to sell. The money raised was used for the huge undertaking of raising the church building and putting a basement underneath it for Sunday School rooms and bathrooms.

  • 1965

    Full basement was added with Sunday School rooms.
    Nineveh Church basement construction - 1965Nineveh Church basement construction - 1965Nineveh Church basement construction in 1965

  • 1970s

    Improvement projects included: painting, new sanctuary lights, refurbished pews, and aluminum siding.
    Storm windows outside

  • 1990

    To support the congregation’s love of singing, a new pipe organ is installed, and is presently in use.
    Nineveh Church pipe organ installation in 1990Nineveh Church organ pipes from 1990

  • 1991

    The elevator was installed to provide better access for senior or disabled members and visitors.

  • 1995

    To enable larger gatherings and cooking on the premises, a new Parish Hall is built along with Sunday School rooms and a Conference room in the basement under the new Parish Hall.
    Nineveh Church Parish Hall construction in 1995

  • 1998

    The main entrance of the sanctuary was redesigned and updated with a new large parking lot added at the left of the main entrance.

  • 2005

    Water seepage caused much damage to the basement. Although following clean-up we were able to continue to use this space.

  • 2006

    The first of two back-to-back “100-year” floods of the Susquehanna River fills the basement of the church building to within two inches of water entering the sanctuary.
    Nineveh Church Flood 2006 - SignNineveh Church Flood 2006 - TruckNineveh Church Flood 2006 - Parish Hall stairs

    The first Christmas giveaway event, “Christmas Town” is held for community families in need. This effort still continues annually under the name “Christ’s Bounty” with an average of 90 families being helped each year.

  • 2009

    In response to the 2006 flood, a new Christian Education addition with no basement is built and paid off faithfully in two years.
    Christian Education Center foundation pouredChristian Education Center constructionChristian Education Center constructionChristian Education Center addition completed

  • 2010

    New wheelchair ramp is constructed in November 2010.
    Wheel chair ramp constructionwheel chair ramp

  • 2011

    After the second flood, the Parish Hall and Christian Education addition become a community center of flood relief efforts even though our own church basement was once again filled with water. The 2009 Christian Education wing remained dry.
    Emrys in Newspaper clipping of 2011 Flood

  • 2012

    New roof for sanctuary and renovation/siding of steeple was done in August 2012.
    Replacing church roof in 2012Replacing church roof in 2012

  • 2014

    Five members travel to Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia in support of our Presbytery’s mission connection there.

    Sanctuary renovation with new pews, carpet, and wainscoting.

  • Every 3 years

    Youth go to the National Presbyterian Youth Triennium.