We are a singing congregation and enjoy incorporating additional instrumentation (e.g., guitars, tambourines, drums, triangles, finger cymbals, etc.) for the accompaniment of our hymns over and above the traditional organ and piano. We also have, on occasion, had contributions of electronic keyboards and trap set. Plus we have a two-octave set of handbells available to enhance our services when the spirit moves.

Although we previously had an established choir with rehearsals every week, we are now resurrecting having anthems sung by those available on a here-and-there basis.

Hand bells on table with sheet music
Carol and Adam at piano during Pentecost

Our organ, installed back in 1990, is a Wicks Classic VI with separate but connected Chimes. The chimes are one and a half octaves from middle C to G and are compatible with the handbells.

We have a Samick Baby Grand piano in the sanctuary and matching Samick console piano which serves both our choir warm-ups for Sunday services and congregational singing when we worship in our Parish Hall.