Stewardship is the grateful response to God’s grace and goodness. It is more than giving money to the church. Stewardship is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all that God has given us.

Pentecost offering table

Good stewardship is alive and well in the Nineveh Presbyterian Church. We promote PCUSA’s four special offerings annually along with our own missions local and abroad as well as supporting our own operation budget. The special offerings give help to young people to strengthen their beliefs and attend Christian colleges, gives aid to disaster areas, peacemaking causes, refugee assistance, and helps with hunger programs.

All the above show great financial stewardship as well as mission interpretation. We also donate outside of our four special offerings by financially supporting local Christian camps, food pantries, health and mental programs, private homes in need, as well as foreign communities.

One of our largest discipleship missions is Christ’s Bounty serving on-average 90 local families during the Christmas season.

We hope that we have helped your understanding of the meaning of stewardship. We strive to connect the use of our financial resources — and our time and talents — to one’s commitment to Christ. May we all continue to celebrate the gifts God has given us to become good stewards.

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Christmas is a joyous time of year for most people. Unfortunately, Christmas is a financial drain on some families causing sadness and anxiety. After the flood in 2006, Doris White, of Nineveh Presbyterian Church, saw a need to help local families facing financial difficulties and developed Christmas Town. After Doris White passed away, Sharen Guokas took it on and Christmas Town became Christ’s Bounty. A committee was formed and decided to make this available for families in the entire Town of Colesville.

Christ’s Bounty is supported by many individuals, organizations, and local churches. The RBM Foundation and the Cartoon Syndicate for the Hart family cartoon are large donors, recently the Broome County Council of Churches have come on board to help as well. It is promoted through the Harpursville School District, the Colesville Town website, and the Nineveh Presbyterian Church website. For this coming year 90 families will be able to take advantage of Christ’s Bounty.

Christ's Bounty boxes outside

Food boxes contain a large supply of dry goods, milk, canned ham, chicken, hot dogs, potatoes, and other items. Household boxes contain paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, toothpaste, Band-Aids, as well as many other useful items.

Christ’s Bounty is a year-long endeavor. Everything is shopped for, counted, and organized by the committee, and the week before pick-up, boxes are packed by our church family. Hand-out day includes not only the NPC church family, but students from Harpursville High School Interact Club and Rotary volunteers. Without the continued support NPC receives, this community outreach would not happen. Christ’s Bounty is a lot of hard work, but it is worth every minute. It is NPC’s way of trying to make sure that every family has a Merry Christmas.